Promoting Productive Cooperation Between Space Lawyers and Engineers

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A major non-technical challenge of space activities is ensuring productive cooperation, communication, and understanding between the engineers who design the mission and the space lawyers who cover its relevant legal aspects. Though both groups usually attain some level of understanding, it is only achieved after many years of experience in the space industry and through repeated contact with topics relevant to their projects. A basic understanding of the most important legal and technical aspects acquired earlier in their careers can facilitate better cooperation and more efficient development of space projects.

Promoting Productive Cooperation Between Space Lawyers and Engineers is a pivotal reference source that provides vital insights into basic legal and technical topics and challenges that occur while planning and conducting typical space activities. The book uses high-profile space missions as examples and highlights the major technical aspects of these missions and the legal issues applied to these missions. While highlighting topics such as planetary settlements, policy perspectives, and suborbital spaceflight, this publication is ideally designed for lawyers, engineers, academicians, students, and professionals.


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