Planetes Omnibus Volume 2

Mankind has established a base on the Moon and manned missions to Mars, and now prepares to travel further into space than ever before. Fulfilling his lifelong dream of space exploration, young Hachimaki makes the cut for the Von Braun Jupiter mission, forcing him to confront his own limitations beyond the farthest frontier. Back home, his compatriots Fee, Yuri, and Tanabe stare down the United States military, refusing to abandon their mission clearing space debris in the face of a war that threatens to set off the Kessler syndrome, trapping Earth forever behind a wall of deadly space debris!

Often cited as a gateway title into the world of manga, Planetes is a modern classic, and Dark Horse Manga is proud to present the series’ concluding omnibus volume, produced from the original files and including all the color pages and bonus stories!

“My favorite sci-fi comics series of all time.”-Writer Alex de Campi (Smoke/Ashes, Archie vs. Predator)

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